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Are you planning a long road trip? Make sure that your car is in the right condition by visiting Lee Weller Auto Service, a family owned and operated auto repair garage in Westminster, MD.


Our factory-trained technicians can perform a complete inspection on your vehicle using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment. We conduct repairs if required.

Professional auto repair services

Get top-quality engine repair services for your vehicle! Visit 7 Tuc Road Suite D

  • Brakes, shocks, and exhaust repairs

  • Engine repairs

  • Suspensions and transmissions

  • Air-conditioning repairs

  • Catalytic converters

Comprehensive auto repair services

When you come to us, our certified technicians will make the whole process as easy as possible. Once you know what's wrong with the vehicle, don't be left wondering how much will it cost you. Our technicians will provide you an estimate about how much the repairs would cost, so you're not shocked when you get the bill.


Hear that strange noise from the engine? Don't ignore it. Visit us now for a routine maintenance service and prevent such small issues from becoming big and expensive problems down the line. A routine maintenance check also improves the life of your vehicle and helps keep manufacturer's warranty in effect properly.

Experience hassle-free auto repair services

Call us now for estimates on all your auto repair requirements.